Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui Helicopter Tours

There’s no shortage of Maui helicopter tours to take you throughout the island. No matter what you want to see—be it the West Maui Mountains or its famous neighbor to the east, Haleakala—you’re sure to find an option or two to suit your fancy. And there are two Maui helicopter tours, in particular, that we think are best. 

 Maui Helicopter

West Maui Helicopter Tour and Molokai

Starting At: $239.00/Person

Mountains, and forests, and falls, oh my! On this tour of West Maui and Molokai, you’ll experience the best of not one, but two Hawaiian islands. 


One of the best Maui helicopter tours is over the West Maui Mountains and the small, adjacent island, Molokai. This 50-minute expedition will take you over the summit of the mountains, which is the 5,800-ft.-tall Puu Kukui, in addition to the Iao Valley where the legendary, vegetation-covered Iao Needle stands. On top of that, you’ll see the tallest waterfall on all of Hawaii, Papalua Falls, which is a mind-numbing 1,200 ft. tall. One final place you’ll go, straight over the Pailolo Channel, is Molokai; here, you’ll set  your sights on gargantuan sea cliffs as you approach the Kalaupapa Peninsula.

Maui Complete Island Helicopter Tour

Starting At: $272.25/Person

Spend over an hour in the air on this luxury helicopter tour of Maui. You’ll see both the eastern and western coasts, and everything in between, including Historic Hana, Haleakala Crater, and Oheo Gulch. 


A second option for Maui helicopter tours is to fly eastward to Maui’s Haleakala National Park. During that time, you’ll see the two-mile-tall summit of that mountain, Puu Ulaula, and then push further to the east…so far, in fact, that you’ll end up on the Big Island! This half of the trip includes a visit to the volcanic mountain of Kohala and the remote rainforest village of Hana. On your way there and back, you’ll pass over the sparkling Alenuihaha Channel, as well. What a phenomenal array of sights! 

Based on all of that, we’re sure you’ll love your time on the Island Maui. And that’s especially sure to be true if you take the Maui helicopter tours that we’ve outlined for you.


Maui Helicopter Tours

You haven’t really seen Maui until you’ve seen it from the seat of a luxury helicopter. With a smooth and comfortable ride, wraparound glass, and two-way headsets with which to communicate with your pilot, the aerial experience you can get on this Hawaiian island is second-to-none. Depending on the tour, you’ll receive between 30 minutes and two hours to glide on the clouds out to an array of exciting destinations—many of which can’t be reached by land! 

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If you’re short on time, you can take a half-hour flight through West Maui, where you’ll discover the West Maui Mountains and their highest peak, Pu‘u Kukui, which stands at over a mile above sea level. This tour will also introduce you to the “Wall of Tears,” so-named for the dazzling collection of 17 waterfalls that send thousands of gallons per second streaming down a lush mountain wall; here is located the 1,100 ft. Honokohau Falls, the island’s tallest cascade. If you have a little more time, then you can expand this tour and make your way over the Pailolo Channel to Molokai, Maui’s neighbor to the west. This small island boasts incredible cliffs, as well as Hawaii’s tallest waterfall, the 3,000-ft. Olo‘upena Falls. This tour option lasts roughly 50 minutes. 

Another great choice for Maui helicopters tours that’s about the same length will transport you high above the remote village of Hana and over the crater of Mount Haleakala. This jaw-dropping journey will put you up close and personal with Maui’s most massive landmark, the dormant volcano Haleakala, which is 10,000 ft. tall and makes up about three-quarters of the island. Nearby, you’ll fly over Hana and its beautiful coastline, as well as the Pools of Oheo, which are a series of tiered freshwater pools. Maui has a lot of attractions, but the “Seven Sacred Pools,” as they’re called, just might be the most popular. 

Then, there are a bunch of 90-minute and two-hour Maui helicopter tours that will let you experience all of Maui—and even some of the Big Island—from the sky. Complete island tours will fly you over famous towns such as Hana, Kahului, and Lahaina, where you may be able to spot the humpback whales that call these waters home during the winter months. In addition, you’ll see many of the aforementioned sites, and perhaps get a chance to land right on Haleakala’s gentle slopes! Meanwhile, tours that include voyages out to the northwestern tip of the Big Island allow you to experience the sensation of flying over the Alenuihaha Channel, the Kohala Mountains, and more. 

All Maui helicopter tours are fully narrated by an experienced pilot who knows the island, inside and out. This means that you’ll not only see Lahaina and the Pools of Oheo, among others; but also, you’ll learn about Lahaina’s mid-18th century whaling boom, and the cultural significance of the Pools. 

As you can tell, riding the sky on your choise of Maui helicopter tours is an experience like few others. Offering both amazing views and fascinating insights, it’s one adventure you won’t want to miss during your next trip to the “Valley Isle.”

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